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Mount Valley Foundation Services is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Columbia, SC

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Robert M.
Simpsonville, SC
October 6, 2017
Mount Valley arrived and found the need for 3 push piers to be installed to stabilize the house in the area that had settled. This work had to be done in the basement because of the layout of the house.
Scott C.
Spartanburg, SC
October 4, 2017
One of Mount Valley's Certified Field Inspectors assessed the situation and found that 6 push piers would be necessary to fix the foundation settlement that was occurring at this property.
Zach P
Lexington, SC
September 23, 2017
Mount Valley installed a total of 5 helical piers on the chimney and the surrounding area of the house. The repair corrected the settlement that had occurred.
Joe M.
Fort Mill, SC
September 15, 2017
Mount Valley installed a total of 4 push piers (including some under the customer's deck) in order to stabilize the foundation in the area of repair.
Tim A.
Augusta, GA
September 12, 2017
Mount Valley proposed the installed of two helical piers on the two columns that had settled at the customer's property.
Mike J.
Prosperity, SC
September 8, 2017
Mount Valley proposed and installed a total of 7 resistance piles and secured the foundation of the house where settlement had occurred.
Lenny B.
York, SC
August 31, 2017
With the installation of 10 helical piers Mount Valley has stabilized the house in the area of repair.
Terri T.
Walterboro, SC
August 29, 2017
Mount Valley offered a solution to the foundation settlement by installing a total of 3 helical piers. This work stabilized the foundation where there had previously been settlement issues.
Chuck L.
North Charleston, SC
August 23, 2017
In response to this customer Mount Valley arrived and found that a total of 16 helical piers needed to be installed in order to correct the foundation settlement.
Edward M.
West Columbia, SC
August 21, 2017
Mount Valley installed a total of 3 push piers in order to secure the area of the house that had settled.

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