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Smart Vent Installation in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach & All of South Carolina

Smart Vents protect your basement walls from the intense hydraulic pressure of a flood.

Houses built on floodplains need to have a system in place for when flooding occurs. Flood vents are vents in the foundation of your house, which allow floodwater and debris to flow in and out of your basement or crawl space, preventing catastrophic damage to your home.

Mount Valley Foundation Services is in the business of foundation stabilization.

Flood vents protect your foundation walls from excessive hydraulic pressure by allowing water to pass through enclosed walls in a flood event. Attempting to prevent water from entering your basement during a flood can cause major damage or collapse to the walls of your foundation.

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Smart Vents

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We install the best flood vents on the market – a patented, ICC-ES Certified, FEMA Accepted product called SMART VENT. More professionals and homeowners are turning to SMART VENT, because it is simply the most advanced, most effective, flood protection system out there.

SMART VENTS are innovative solutions for a big problem. Containing a number of highly engineered functions, SMART VENTS only open when they need to. As floodwaters rise, water lifts a floating lever, which allows the large vent to open. The opening allows water, and debris up to three inches, to flow freely into the basement area. The three-inch space here is crucial to prevent the passage from clogging with solid objects that would impede flow. Screen air vents are far inferior to this system because not only do they clog easily; they also allow unimpeded airflow when water is not present, increasing heating and cooling costs.

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We carry and install SMART VENTS in all types and sizes to meet any need a home or commercial building may have. SMART VENTS are not only useful for basement walls, but for garage doors, enclosed walls, and anywhere flood waters might build up without the ability to equalize pressure on both sides of the structure.

We serve Columbia, Augusta, Greenville, and many nearby areas in Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Myrtle Beach, throughout South Carolina or over the state lines.


Smart Vents

  • Meets building code, FEMA and National Flood Insurance Program requirements. Flood insurance adjustments after SMART VENT installation frequently decrease over 80%.
  • Sealed crawl spaces and vented crawl spaces addressed in different models.
  • Sealed crawl space models come with weather proofing and insulated design.
  • Can be retrofitted or installed with new construction.
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion.

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