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Shrinking Soil and Foundation Settlement

April 4th, 2019: Warmer weather pulls moisture out of the soil, drying it out. As this happens, it allows room for movement, which causes settlement underneath your home, leading to foundation issues.

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Wet Blog

March 26th, 2019: With Spring rains, you may notice your basement walls becoming damp or your basement joint coves to leak and show sings of water damage if you home has foundation issues.

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Wall Repairs

February 26th, 2019: How do you know if you have foundation settlement? Wall cracking and bowing are major signs of foundation settlement. These foundation settlement problem signs are outcomes from two causes, hydrostatic pressure and soil expansion.

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How Frost and Ice Effect Your Home

January 23rd, 2019: The holidays are past us, however, the cold weather is not! Although, there is little snowfall here in South Carolina, there are other elements of the wintery weather that can be damaging to your home’s foundation.

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Cold Weather Foundation Problems

December 17th, 2018: When air gets colder it gets drier. This dry air will remove the water that is in the soil which surrounds your home, causing it to shrink.

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Crawl Space and Cold

November 20th, 2018: Cold air enters your home’s crawl space, and due to the stack effect, cold air travels upwards into your home creating a cold living space.

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Pros of a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

September 28th, 2018: Even though you don’t often see what is in your crawl space, that does not mean you should ignore it. In fact, 50% of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes from your crawl space.

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Best Places to Work in South Carolina

June 21st, 2018: Mount Valley Foundation Services Selected as 2018 Best Places to Work in South Carolina

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Basement Foundation Repair

June 9th, 2018: Basement foundation problems happen when the soil beneath a home’s foundation settles. Once basement foundation problems are present in a home, it is important to get the issues looked at by a professional.

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Cracking and Leaking Basement Walls: Causes and Solutions

May 24th, 2018: There are numerous reasons why you could have cracking and leaking basement walls. Read the most common reasons for these basement problems and the best solutions to repair them.

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