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Crawl Space and Cold

The temperature is dropping outside, which means the focus inside is to keep your home warm. You may believe your home is safe this winter season, but have you taken the time to check your crawl space?

Cold air enters your home’s crawl space, and due to the stack effect, cold air travels upwards into your home creating a cold living space. No one wants cold floors and high energy bills during the winter season, so what should homeowners do? Learn more about your crawl space so you can take action!

Unfortunately, the insulation you installed in your floor only helps minimally, because it does not stop the moisture and humidity from growing in your crawl space. As moisture continues to grow, it destroys the insulation that keep your floors warm.  Insulation is important because it helps keep cold air and condensation out, which controls the amount of moisture in your crawl space.

Moisture in your crawl space results in mold and mildew growth, nasty smells, and dust mites that will also travel upwards into your home, where you and your family eat, sleep, and breath. No one wants their family to be exposed to such harmful things, so that is why it is important to keep your crawl space dry and insulated.

Your crawl space is home to many important things that help make your home comfortable: your furnace, water heater,  pipes, and much more. It is important that those stay dry and protected in order to keep your home healthy and safe. Call Mount Valley Foundation Services at (803) 691-4400 or Click HERE to schedule your free crawl space inspection. Take the first step in keeping your home and your family safe this winter season.

Crawl Space in Cold Weather Moisture Damage in Cold Damp Crawl Space