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Wall Repairs

Your home is your greatest asset. Isn’t it important to know whether you not your foundation is healthy?

Wall Cracks can be a sign your home has foundation issuesHow do you know if you have foundation settlement? Wall cracking and bowing are major signs of foundation settlement. These foundation settlement problem signs are outcomes from two causes, hydrostatic pressure and soil expansion. 

Hydrostatic pressure is caused when large amounts of water gather around your foundation and put pressure against your foundation. Soil expansion is the outcome of the change in moisture in soil around your foundation which causes foundation settlement.

The great news is Mount Valley Foundation Services has multiple solutions for wall foundation problems.

The Carbon Fiber Wall System is designed with industrial epoxy and is designed to give stabilization for bowing foundation walls. The form-fitting fibers will fit into your walls easily and are able to be painted over for homes with furnished basements.Wall Anchors can correct your home's foundation issues

The IntelliBrace Wall System is designed to give your foundation walls support when there is little support given on the outside of your foundation. They are created with structural steel and will help build the strength of your walls with time.

Wall Anchors provide stabilizing support for your foundation walls by supporting the packed soil on the outside of your walls, which gives a point to brace the wall of your foundation. This product helps give permanent support for your cracking or bowing foundation walls.

Your home provides shelter for you and your family. Knowing that your home’s foundation is stabilized is important in providing you with a peace of mind that you are safe. Call Mount Valley Foundation Services at 855-266-3830 or CLICK HERE to fill out a form to schedule a free foundation inspection today.