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Reviewed By: John W
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Comment We built our home 22 years ago. Over time, we noticed foundation problems. We had the 3 main companies in the area quote on our job. After spending time with Dan at Mt. Valley, we decided to go with them. They started the job when they said they would, did exactly what they said they would do and finished right on schedule. Since I no nothing about foundation work except what I have recently read, I asked a friend of mine who works with heating and A/C to inspect the work for me. He said that everything looked like it was done correctly and that he doesn't see where I should have future problems with the foundation.
The crew chief on our job was Scott. He knows foundations and was easy to work with and explained what they were doing in a way that I could clearly understand. If you ever need foundation work, I encourage you to call Dan at Mt. Valley to give you a quote and, if you decide to go with them, ask Dan to be sure that SCOTT is your crew chief!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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