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Mount Valley Foundation Services is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Columbia, SC

Mount Valley Foundation Services Customer Review

Reviewed By: Kimberly C Arnold
Location: Greer, SC 29651

Was our staff friendly and courteous throughout the duration of the work? 5 Stars5
Did we communicate project details, time-schedule, etc. clearly to you? 5 Stars5
Did we return your phone calls promptly? 5 Stars5
Were you pleased with the quality of service you received? 5 Stars5
How likely are you to refer Mount Valley Foundation Services to family, friends or colleagues? 5 Stars5
Comment Horrible! Absolutely terrible service! For 2 years these people from this so called reliable company never come through with the common courtesy expectations of a customer who relies, and pays for their services for help, empathy, or respect for anyone with scheduled appointments or explanations of what exactly they are doing under my house. I don't know where they are gaining their 5 star rating because it is totally the opposite. Ted, Craig, Richard, Scott, Edwin, Heather, Matt, and everyone ever involved with this simple request for a sump pump has been a nightmare. They promise, and they never follow through. They leave customers worrying, and always second guessing their true motives. UPSALE! That's their motto! I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone, even a stranger and I sincerely hope and pray that this review gets posted! Appointments scheduled, and the workers never show up. There is always an excuse that someone else was more important. The sump pump has been replaced twice due to defectiveness, stupidity on workers training or even care, that I regret the very day that I called Mount Valley Foundation Services!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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