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Mount Valley Foundation Services is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Columbia, SC

Mount Valley Foundation Services Customer Review

Reviewed By: George B
Location: Columbia,, SC 29206

Was our staff friendly and courteous throughout the duration of the work? 5 Stars5
Did we communicate project details, time-schedule, etc. clearly to you? 5 Stars5
Did we return your phone calls promptly? 5 Stars5
Were you pleased with the quality of service you received? 5 Stars5
How likely are you to refer Mount Valley Foundation Services to family, friends or colleagues? 5 Stars5
Comment Today we welcomed Josh and his talented crew with Mount Valley Foundations. It`s no wonder one of their slogans is “Fix It For Me.” They greeted us as homeowners and explained the steps they would take to protect our home and began the work without losing any time. Josh made himself particularly available in making us feel confident of the skills involved in their training and in their competence to perform the work. When the job was getting near completion, we could see that Josh and the others paid particular attention to detail as his crew worked diligently in the final phases. There was perfect cooperation as everybody helped everybody else, even during the final phases of clean-up time.

Throughout the day it was obvious that Josh did a great job of assuring us that he and his crew were strongly committed to providing us with their best work in protecting our home.

Thank you Mount Valley !!!

Overall Rating 5 Stars

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