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Causes of Foundation Settlement in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach & All of South Carolina

Causes Settlement of Foundation Problems in NC, SC & GA

The stability of your home’s structure is directly dependent on the stability of the soil beneath it. Sadly, the soil on which homes are built is not always stable. When the soil begins to shift, the foundation of your home can become compromised. There are many factors that can contribute to a shifting foundation. The most common of these factors are unstable soils, poor drainage and plumbing leaks, poor grading or compaction and tree roots.

Unstable Soils

As anyone who has ever tried to plant a garden here knows, the southeast is full of clay-rich soils. These soils may be good for hot peppers and peanuts, but they are very damaging to foundations. Clay-rich soils expand and contract when the moisture changes. You may find that cracks in your home become more prominent before or after it rains or when the weather changes. This is because clay-rich soils are “elastic” in nature. In other words, they expand and contract as moisture is absorbed or evaporated. When the soil around your home becomes saturated with water, the clay expands and loses density. This condition allows the foundation to sink much the same as you would standing in wet mud… read more

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Poor Drainage / Plumbing Leaks

Have you ever gone outside your home after a rainstorm and found that the ground had become soggy? At parks and golf courses this is nothing more than an inconvenience. When it happens around your foundation, however, it can become a devastating foundation problem… read more

Poor Grading / Compaction

As many coastal residents know, historically, coastal cities have been built on filled in land. Back-filled areas are not uncommon. However, when the filled in land has been improperly compacted, foundation issues can arise…read more

Tree Roots

Many residents pride themselves on their landscaping. Did you know, however, that trees and shrubs can cause a major foundation issue? Trees or shrubs with expanding roots can remove water from the soil around your home. They can also produce roots that will grow into the foundation of your home and cause damage…read more


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