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Crew installing vapor barrier in crawl space

Crawl Space Repair

Crew installing a vapor barrier on crawlspace wall.

What Should Your Crawl Space Repair Budget Look Like? Learn More

When you consider the areas of your home that are most essential to its value and health, you probably don’t consider your crawl space. A crawl space, however, does more than just provide you with more room to store your belongings. These spaces, when exposed to water damage, can negatively impact the health of your […]

crawl space insulation install

How to Install Crawl Space Insulation Learn More

You’ve used insulation to keep the rest of your home at a comfortable temperature. Why would your crawl space need that same kind of protection?  The more steps you take to keep your crawl space safe and dry, the less you’ll have to worry about the space suffering from damage. If your crawl space starts […]

Crawlspace encapsulation

6 Ways to Protect the Crawl Space of Your New Home Learn More

Moving into your new Charlotte, NC, home shouldn’t overshadow your concern or care for the crawl space. Once the crawl space starts deteriorating, the excitement of your home will disappear. Our advice is simple and plain. Take good care of your crawl space and it will remain intact and useful for years.  Crawl space care […]

Maintenance check on dehumidifier.

General Dehumidifier Maintenance: What You Need to Know Learn More

Dehumidifiers may be among the simplest waterproofing measures to install, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a bit of TLC. If you want your dehumidifier to continue protecting your home, you’re going to need to take active steps to maintain it on a daily basis.  Set Up Your Dehumidifier Carefully  Dehumidifier care begins […]

Falling insulation in a damp crawlspace with an open vent.

Should You Invest In A Crawl Space Inspection? Learn More

If you want to maintain a healthy home, then you’re going to need to keep a close eye on your crawl space. This surprisingly sensitive part of your home can directly influence a house’s overall health. When should you schedule a crawl space inspection, and are the professional inspections really worth the investment? Why Should […]

Crew member installing vapor barrier.

Waterproofing Your Home: Vapor Barriers, Thermal Insulation, or Both? Learn More

Looking for a way to help waterproof your home? Good news! You can browse a vast catalog of waterproofing solutions. The difficult part of the process, in most circumstances, is selecting which of the available waterproofing solutions you’re most interested in. Take thermal insulation and vapor barriers, for example. These waterproofing measures work in similar […]

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