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Is the Summer Weather Ideal for Foundation Repairs?

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What happens to your basement may not worry you much in the dead of the winter unless there’s a crack that’s widening by the day. The only time you may feel the need to carry out repairs is when you’re selling a home with foundation issues or the issues become a structural hazard. So, when is the best time to handle foundation repairs? We will explore that in this post. 

Foundation Repairs in the Fall and Winter 

Fall and winter are the drier seasons, but somewhat colder than the others. Soils may be stable, but the snow and frozen ground make work hard for your contractor. For example, installing helical piers and sealing exterior cracks becomes arduous as they have to battle the cold weather. Excavation is next to impossible as the ground feels rock hard. While these are slow months for contractors, it’s often tough to guarantee the best repairs. 

Foundation Repairs in the Spring 

Water and moisture issues become apparent during spring. April through early June are particularly wet months. Rains and thawing soil make for a potent combination that can lead to water intrusion in the basement. New cracks also tend to form during this time, while existing ones weep. On the bright side, excavations and external waterproofing work becomes easier due to the warmer and looser soils. 

Summer is the best time for foundation repairs 

Here are six reasons every homeowner with foundation problems should know. 

Faster checks: Your contractor can inspect the foundation of your home in summer fairly quickly, as there’s adequate natural light. This way, they can correctly pinpoint the issues that could be affecting your basement or foundation. 

Effective Treatments: Cold and wet conditions could reduce the effectiveness of foundation repair solutions. Moisture and rainwater will instigate leakages. Warmer summer temperatures mean foundation repairs and basement waterproofing solutions bed in quickly. Since there’s no water, curing will be fast and effective. 

Comfortable Working Conditions: No contractor would want to work outside when the soil is wet or the outside is freezing cold. The dry and warm summer days in Columbia, SC, make the temperatures ambient. Technicians can work fast without worrying about frostbite or soaking up the rain. 

Simple excavations: Digging through frozen soil is every contractor’s nightmare. The excavation progresses slowly and this delays waterproofing works. Not so in summer, as the soils are loose and easy to dig. 

Extended daylight: Summer days are brighter and clearer, meaning contractors can work faster and for longer hours without straining their eyesight. Your foundation repair project will take a short time to complete and have fewer mistakes. 

Contractor availability: You’re more likely to find a good foundation repair contractor in summer than other seasons, as the conditions are favorable to their work. 

Foundation Repair Checklist 

As you’re going around your home, keep the following issues in mind during your checks: 

  • Inspect the foundation exterior and interior for cracks or holes. 
  • Check for signs of water leaks on basement floor and along walls. 
  • Check your driveway and porches for depressions that might trap water. 
  • Ensure soil has a positive grade and paved surfaces slope away from your home. 
  • Clean out dirt or debris from your gutters. 
  • Test your sump pump to ensure it’s working. 
  • Turn off any hoses and disconnect them from the outside faucet. 
  • Check your roof for holes and seal any that are present. 

Can Every Issue Wait? 

No. Some issues like structural problems require urgent intervention. A structural collapse or failure could be imminent. You have to take quick action to fix the problem. Wait a little longer and the problem could grow from bad to worse. Plus, you may not know the extent of the problem. Only a foundation repair professional can determine the extent of the damage and the best way to repair it. Think your home is experiencing foundation issues? Get in touch with the experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services for a free foundation repair inspection and quote. We’ll also provide you solid recommendations for protecting your foundation.

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