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moisture and water in your crawl space

8 Reasons Why You Should Waterproof the Crawl Space

Waterproofing your crawl space not only makes your home fresh but it eliminates mold and pesky insects, protects the foundation, and reduces energy bills.

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moisture and water in your crawl space

Not many people understand why they should waterproof their home’s crawl space, so they go for many years, even decades, without taking any action. They only act when they notice awful odors and crawling insects in the home above.

Don’t wait for your crawl space to get damp or infested by mold and pests so you can act. Here’s why you should waterproof the crawl space.

Fresh Indoor Air

Forty to sixty percent of the air in your Columbia and Greenville, SC, home originates from the crawl space. If this air is moldy and damp, you can be sure it will find its way into your living room and other spaces. Members of your family who get exposed to mold and allergens in your toxic indoor air can develop asthma and other chronic respiratory problems, which can be costly to treat. By waterproofing your crawl space, you will improve the quality of air in your home and keep everyone’s lungs clean.

Protects Your Foundation

Moisture and water in your crawl space not only impacts the quality of indoor air, but the structural integrity of your home as well. Excess humidity can cause wooden floor joists and beams to rot, metal to rust, interior walls to crack, and floors to warp. When this happens, you can be sure your crawl space won’t be able to support the rest of the home. The cost of repairing damaged parts could run into the thousands of dollars. Proper waterproofing can forestall such problems and the huge cost of repairs.

Creates Clean Storage Area

Another reason you should waterproof your crawl space is that it creates a clean, dry space to store your belongings. Once you do that, you can move some of the old belongings or personal effects you’re not using into another area. Since it is already dry, you won’t have to worry about termites and mold or stagnant water ruining whatever you’ve kept away. Your belongings and effects will remain dry and clean for a long time.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Do you have a vented crawl space? Chances are you’re paying more for energy than you should be. Uninsulated areas under your home allow the free flow of air, which can swing the temperatures up or down during the day and night. This can interfere with the normal functioning of your HVAC unit. You will find your air conditioner working long and hard to maintain indoor temperatures. The result is a higher and unsustainable monthly energy bill.

Waterproofing can be the game-changer as it brings down moisture levels. Advanced Energy says a conditioned crawl space is 20% more energy efficient than non-insulated ones. Whether building a new home or moving into a complete one, waterproofing the crawl space is fundamental in saving energy.

Deters Annoying Pests and Insects

Wondering why there are so many crawling insects and pests in your home? The answer could lie in the damp area below the home. A damp and dark crawl space is an instant magnet for cockroaches, termites, mice, and rats. Such insects and pests can contaminate your food and water, ruin your furniture, and make the home less livable. By waterproofing the crawl space in your home, you will make it less attractive to vermin.

Keeps Ductwork and Plumbing Rust-free

If you have a crawl space, chances are air ducts and water pipes pass through this area. While this makes it easy to repair or maintain them, high humidity levels can make them vulnerable to rust. Rust will eventually corrode your pipes and ductwork and render them useless. By waterproofing your crawl space, you can preserve your plumbing or ducts and ensure they remain functional for many years.

Lowers Electrical Hazards

Exposed and frayed electrical wiring that passes through a wet crawl space are potential hazards. When they come into contact with moisture or water, they can cause electrocution and a house fire. Waterproofing your crawl space keeps your electrical wiring free from moisture, something you should do if you really care about your family’s safety.

Increases Home Appeal

Moisture and water in the crawl space not only impacts the health of this space, but the value of your home. A clean and dry crawl space makes your home more appealing to prospective buyers than one with a damp and dark space. When they buy your home, they know they won’t have to deal with water damage or other problems such as mold and inner wall cracks.

Want to enjoy all the benefits of crawl space waterproofing in Columbia and Greenville, SC? Contact your local basement and crawl space experts and request a free crawl space encapsulation quote today.

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