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Wall Straightening

Our certified foundation experts have guaranteed solutions for any and all foundation problems that may arise.

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Wall Straightening Services in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach & All of South Carolina

Correcting Tilting Foundation Wall Problems Quickly To Allow For Basement Finishing

If your home is suffering from bowing or tilting walls, Mount Valley Foundation Services is here to help. Our certified foundation experts have guaranteed solutions for any and all foundation problems that may arise.

We provide free, no-obligation foundation wall straightening quotes throughout our South Carolina, service area, including Greenville, Augusta, Columbia, the surrounding areas of Spartanburg, Charleston, Anderson, Rock Hill, Florence, Sumter, Myrtle Beach, and nearby. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your appointment!

What Causes Tilting Basement Or Foundation Walls?

The soil around your basement and foundation walls exerts a large amount of pressure on your walls.

The pressure on your walls varies based on the type of soils, the moisture content of the soil, and how deep the foundation or wall goes underground.

Hydrostatic pressure, expansive clay soils, frost, improper gutter systems, and poorly graded soils are just some of the factors that can contribute to foundation issues.

When the pressure outside of your foundation walls exceeds their ability to withstand it, the walls will begin to bow or tilt.

When foundation or basement walls begin to fail, crack are typically the first sign. Sections of the wall will begin to buckle, bow, and tilt. If this form of foundation damage is not addressed and repaired, complete failure of the wall can occur.

Mount Valley Foundation Services has proven, high-quality products and services to address and correct this type of foundation damage. These repairs are built to stand the test of time and are far more cost effective than replacing the entire foundation or wall.

One of our most popular solutions to bowing or tilting walls is our IMG™️ wall anchor system. We begin by installing a series of wall anchors in your bowing or leaning walls and then gradually tighten the system until the walls are eventually returned to their original position.

Repairing And Straightening Tilting Foundation Walls

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we repair failling foundation walls with our IMG™️ wall anchor system.


1. Excavating the Foundation Perimeter

When a home is suffering from severe soil issues along the foundation wall, the walls can begin to bow and tilt.

In order to repair the damage caused by this pressure, Mount Valley Foundation Services begins by excavating the ground around your foundation walls.

Be aware that excavation around the home is only required when basement repair is needed immediately — such as if the damage is presenting a danger to the home or if the basement is scheduled to be finished immediately. Excavation is not a necessary part of using the IMG™️ wall anchor system.

2. Position The Earth Anchor

Earth anchors are situated in holes dug at specific locations in the yard.

The earth anchor is made with galvanized steel to resist corrosion, and includes a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as our own in-house quality and performance warranty.


Each earth anchor has a center hole for attaching the anchor rod that will be installed in the next step.

3. Prepare The Foundation Wall

Next, we drill a small hole in your foundation wall for the steel anchor rod that will extend from the wall to each earth anchor. We drive the anchor rod through the soil until it can be attached to its earth anchor.

One way our wall anchor system is superior to other methods is that the hole created in the foundation wall is very small – just 1″ in diameter. Other methods may require a large hole or section of concrete block to be removed during installation.

4. Mounting Wall Plates

Once the earth anchor has been attached to the anchor rod, a steel wall plate will be mounted to the anchor rod on the inside of the foundation.

Once this step of the installation has been completed for each earth anchor, the inward movement of your foundation walls will have been permanently halted. These wall anchors can now be tightened to continue to straighten and support the foundation wall.


5. Straightening Basement Walls

At this point, your foundation repair experts will attempt to straighten the foundation walls back to their original position. Wall anchors will be tightened and adjusted accordingly and will provide long-term support for the walls.

Once the wall is straightened, the excavation is filled using the soil removed in Step 1.

However, to avoid excessive soil pressure in the future, gravel and drainage tile may be installed to help avoid soil pressure due to excessive moisture. After backfilling, landscape details will be carefully restored.

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we take pride in providing a clean, warranted solution for homeowners in need of foundation wall repair. To help you decide if we’re the contractors for you, we offer free written basement wall repair quotes for property owners throughout our SC, NC, and GA service area.

We serve Augusta, Greenville, all of South Carolina, in areas such as Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Florence, Sumter, Anderson, and many outlying areas.

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