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Drywall Cracks

Cracks in your home’s drywall can be unsettling. What do they signify, and what leads to their formation? Often, drywall cracks are indicators of underlying foundation issues that require professional intervention

As the oldest foundation repair company in South Carolina, Mount Valley Foundation Services is at the forefront in our industry at identifying and rectifying foundation damages. Keep reading to understand the causes of drywall cracks, how to fix them, and why you should choose Mount Valley for your foundation repair needs. 

What Are Drywall Cracks? 

Drywall cracks are separations or fissures that appear in the drywall panels used in interior walls and ceilings. These cracks generally manifest due to the settling of your home’s foundation. Because drywall is not structurally robust, it can crack easily under stress. 

Signs of drywall cracks include: 

  • Diagonal cracks extending from door or window corners toward the ceiling 
  • Cracks above doors and windows 
  • Long horizontal or vertical cracks along walls and ceilings 
  • Web-like crack patterns on walls and ceilings 

Even minor hairline cracks can signal foundation problems. Larger cracks are usually indicative of significant foundation damage. 

What Causes Drywall Cracks? 

Common triggers for drywall cracks include: 

  • Settling and soil movement: Homes naturally settle as the soil beneath them compacts. Excessive or uneven settling due to soil expansion, erosion, or compression can cause foundation cracks that transfer to drywall. Soil movement is the most common cause of drywall cracks. 
  • Foundation structural issues: Conditions like sinking footings or cracked slabs can lead to drywall cracks. 
  • Remodeling or additions: Adding extra weight to parts of the home from new construction or flooring can cause foundation shifting and resultant drywall cracks. 
  • Plumbing leaks: Moisture from underground pipes or gutters can erode soil, causing foundation instability. 

Ignoring drywall cracks risks further damage to your home’s foundation and compromises its structural integrity. 

Can You Fix Drywall Cracks? 

Fixing drywall cracks involves more than just a quick patch-up and a new coat of paint. While such superficial solutions can temporarily hide the problem, they do nothing to resolve the root cause, which often lies in the foundation of your home. By merely concealing the cracks, you’re placing a Band-Aid on a symptom rather than treating the actual issue. This approach may lead to a recurring cycle of cracks reappearing, painting over them, and further degradation of the home’s structural integrity over time. 

Why is this important? Unaddressed foundation problems could lead to more severe consequences, such as increased stress on your home’s structure, potential plumbing issues, and even safety hazards like collapsing walls or ceilings. In the long run, the costs for extensive foundation and drywall repair can mount exponentially, making it crucial to deal with the source of the problem sooner rather than later. 

Solutions include: 

  • For small cracks, patching and painting can repair the aesthetic. However, keep in mind that these cracks will reappear if foundation issues aren’t resolved. 
  • For major cracks, replace the damaged drywall after completing necessary foundation repairs like installing slab piers, waterproofing, or wall reinforcements

How Mount Valley Can Permanently Fix Drywall Cracks 

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, our seasoned experts can diagnose the root causes of your drywall cracks and offer customized solutions. Our foundation repair techniques include: 

We also offer crawl space encapsulation to stop water issues from contributing to foundation damage.  

By stabilizing and realigning foundations, our solutions provide lasting results, ensuring your drywall cracks don’t return. We even offer extensive warranties on our services. 

Why Repair Drywall Cracks Now? 

Immediate action on drywall cracks is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Cracks will only get worse, leading to more extensive structural issues. 
  • Delayed action may result in costlier foundation repairs later. 
  • Moisture can enter through cracks, accelerating foundation damage. 
  • Unresolved cracks adversely affect property value and aesthetics. 
  • Procrastination complicates future repairs. 

Choose Mount Valley Foundation Services Today! 

Secure your home’s structural stability now. Contact Mount Valley Foundation Services to schedule a free inspection and receive a quote for your foundation repairs. We are committed to delivering prompt and permanent solutions to prevent further damage to your home. 


The timeline for repairing drywall cracks and associated foundation problems varies depending on the extent of the damage. For minor cracks, patching and painting may only take a day or two. However, addressing the root cause—typically foundation issues—can take considerably longer. Comprehensive foundation repairs may require several weeks to complete. At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we offer a detailed timeline during our free inspection, ensuring you know what to expect. 

Drywall cracks themselves are not an immediate safety hazard, but they can be a warning sign of more serious structural problems in your home. Ignoring these cracks may eventually compromise the structural integrity of your house, making it unsafe for occupancy. Early intervention prevents further damage and ensures your home remains a safe place to live.  

Home insurance policies vary widely, and coverage for drywall cracks depends on the root cause. If the cracks are due to sudden and accidental events like burst pipes, your policy might cover repair costs. However, most home insurance policies do not cover “wear and tear” or “settling,” which are often the underlying causes of drywall cracks. It’s essential to consult your insurance provider for specific information regarding your coverage. 


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