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Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement

Forces like hydrostatic pressure can cause your basement walls to crack and bow. Permanently stabilize them with durable carbon fiber wall reinforcements from Mount Valley Foundation Services!

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If your basement walls have begun to crack and bow due to outside forces like hydrostatic pressure, you need a strong repair method to protect your walls and foundation against anything that tries to weaken them. Basement wall repair with carbon fiber wall reinforcements is one option for permanently stabilizing your cracking, bowing walls. Read on to learn more.

How Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcements Work 

The professional installation of carbon fiber straps to repair basement walls can vary depending on many factors including the extent of damage and location of the wall. But to give you a general idea, here are the basic steps the experienced team at Mount Valley Foundation Services will follow. 

  • Preparing the Walls: The walls must be clean and dry for the straps to properly adhere, so our crew will grind or roughen the walls where the straps will be placed. 
  • Strap Positioning: A small amount of strong epoxy resin is applied to the walls, and the straps are placed on the walls. 
  • Straps are Anchored: Small steel brackets are attached to the sill plate at the top of the walls, and each strap is fed through the bracket system. This helps hold each strap firmly in place.  
  • Resin is Applied: Another thicker coat of epoxy resin is applied to the straps to seal them against the walls. Once the resin dries, the basement walls are permanently reinforced and protected against further cracking and bowing. 

What Sets Our Wall Reinforcements Apart 

carbon fiber wall reinforcement
  • Strength and Durability: Carbon fiber is actually 10 times stronger than steel! This strength doubles when applied to an epoxy resin. This is because the carbon fiber blend contains a strong chemical epoxy that forms an indestructible bond between the high-density strands and the basement walls they support. 
  • Quick Installation: The straps are lightweight, which makes them considerably easier for professionals to install swiftly and safely with less danger of harm or errors. Because of this, several experts now propose using carbon fiber straps instead of straight steel beams. 
  • Unobtrusive: The low-profile carbon fiber straps result in a smooth finish that is easy to paint over or conceal. Because these straps are only a fraction of an inch wide, they won’t cause any substantial obstacles in your basement. 

Signs Your Home Needs Carbon Fiber Reinforcements 

Basement Wall Cracks

Cracks are more visible symptoms of basement and foundation problems, and they can contribute significantly to basement flooding. It’s just a matter of time before new cracks form or old ones resurface if your basement walls continue to buckle under the strain of outside forces. Horizontal cracks, in particular, are a clear indication that basement walls are succumbing to hydrostatic pressure. 

bowing and cracking basement wall

Slightly Bowing Basement Walls

Another telltale sign of hydrostatic pressure at work is bowing basement walls. The walls will start to buckle and appear to move inward. Carbon fiber wall reinforcements are perfect for basement walls that are bowing less than 2”. These straps hold the walls in their current positions and prevent any further cracking or movement. But walls that are bowing more than 2” need solutions like wall anchors or specialized beams to help repair and restore them back to their original positions. 

leaking basement wall

Leaking Basement Walls

Not only does hydrostatic pressure lead to cracking and bowing basement walls, but leaking walls, as well. Any exterior moisture should not be able to pass through your basement walls. If you find pools of water forming in your basement, though, you know something is amiss. Leaks of any kind should not be dismissed or overlooked. They have the potential to cause substantial water damage to your basement, as well as flooding. 


There are many options available for foundation wall stabilization and repair, and we are pleased to offer several proven permanent repairs. Carbon fiber wall reinforcements are ideal for basement walls that have minor cracking and bowing of less than 2”. For walls that have more than 2” of movement, we can stabilize and help straighten them with wall anchors or specialized braces. Wall anchors are installed in the soil away from your home and are best to use on properties without exterior installation constraints. If this space is not available, we can install our specialized, adjustable braces on interior basement walls. 

While many areas of your home can benefit from DIY installations, your basement can be a delicate as well as dangerous area to repair. Certain solutions, including the right kind of carbon fiber strap and epoxy resin, may not be available to homeowners, and your walls might need a different repair entirely. That’s why it is best to rely on the expertise of foundation and basement professionals like the expert team at Mount Valley Foundation Services. 

The cost of your carbon fiber wall reinforcement installation can vary depending on a variety of factors. These include the number of straps needed, as well as any other repairs such as basement waterproofing. You can take advantage of Mount Valley Foundation Services’ free inspections to ensure there is a problem before any work is done. We’re also pleased to provide no-obligation repair estimates to homeowners

Reinforce Your Walls with the Help of Mount Valley Foundation Services 

Cracking and bowing walls not only impact your basement’s appearance but the safety of your home as well. Left unattended, problematic walls can lead to leaks, flooding, and even collapse. Catching these problems sooner rather than later might allow you to take advantage of less invasive repairs like carbon fiber wall reinforcement. 

As soon as you notice a problem with your basement walls, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, expert team at Mount Valley Foundation Services for a free inspection and estimate. We are familiar with the area’s varying soil and weather conditions, and how they impact homes. Our team has earned various accolades including the HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award, as well as thousands of positive reviews from homeowners like you throughout Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Savannah. Call us today to start repairing and protecting your home. 

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