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Push Piers

Your home is not just a building; it’s a haven of safety and comfort. However, like any structure, it can sometimes face issues like settling foundations, which can lead to symptoms such as drywall cracks or sticking windows and doors. But don’t worry, these problems are not insurmountable.  

Join us as we explore the concept of push piers, their importance, and why our services can be a valuable asset in maintaining the safety and longevity of your home. 

For residents in South Carolina and Western North Carolina, Mount Valley Foundation Services offers a reliable solution with Settle Stop Push Piers. These are designed to provide enduring stability to your home’s foundation. As a leading name in foundation repair, we are committed to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. 

Understanding Push Piers 

Push piers are solid steel pillars driven deep into the ground to bypass unstable soil, reaching down to a solid base to support your home steadfastly.  

Integrated into a larger system that encompasses comprehensive repair strategies, push piers work diligently with other repair methods to ensure your home stands tall and unyielding for generations to come. These repair strategies may include crawl space repair, basement repair, or wall reinforcement.  

Do You Need Push Piers? 

Are you noticing signs like: 

If the answer is yes, then your home’s foundation is likely in need of repair. These signs of settling tend to happen in groups and can signal that your foundation needs some extra support. Don’t wait until small issues escalate into costly repairs. Reach out to Mount Valley Foundation Services to safeguard your home’s future. 

The Necessity of Push Piers 

Absolutely, foundation repairs are essential. Postponing these repairs can often lead to more severe foundation problems, like water entry, mold growth, damaged doors and windows, and masonry work, which could result in increased costs in the future. Our push piers are specifically designed to stabilize your foundation and, in many cases, can even restore it to its original condition, providing both peace of mind and financial savings. 
During our complimentary inspection, we also offer alternative solutions such as helical and slab piers, allowing us to customize the best approach to suit the specific needs of your home. It’s always our goal to address foundation issues proactively, to prevent potential complications and expenses down the line.  

The Perks of Opting for Push Piers 

We stand proud with our push pier systems, a testament to unrivaled strength and durability. Our services promise: 

  • Permanent stability 
  • Future damage prevention 
  • A chance to lift your foundation back to its original place 
  • Customized support with high-quality steel piers 
  • Broad structural repairs 
  • Lifetime warranty 

Choosing Mount Valley’s push piers means opting for a superior, homeowner-centric solution, a choice above generic alternatives. 

Our Installation Procedure 

Our skilled team adheres to a detailed step-by-step installation process, ensuring the strength and stability of the installed push piers. We: 

  • Dig to the house’s foundation footer 
  • Affix special brackets 
  • Assemble and drive pier sections into the ground 
  • Supervise depth and capacities 
  • Secure the piers 
  • Transfer the load to firm soil 
  • Mark benchmarks on outer walls 
  • Restore the excavation areas 

Trust in Mount Valley Foundation Services for expertly installed push piers, a decision backed by our leading position in the markets of South Carolina and Western North Carolina. 

Why Our Push Piers Stand Above the Rest 

Our SettleStop Push Pier System not only promises the benefits outlined but comes with additional features: 

  • Supreme steel quality 
  • Enhanced strength through external sleeves 
  • A discreet below-ground installation 
  • Regular checks and maintenance plans 
  • Installation possible all year round 

Connect with Mount Valley Foundation Services Now! 

Don’t let foundation settlement ruin your home’s integrity. Act swiftly to curb the problem. 

Get in touch with Mount Valley Foundation Services for a free inspection, and embrace the permanent solution that push piers offer. Residents in South Carolina and Western North Carolina vouch for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Reach out today! 


Our SettleStop Push Pier System offers supreme steel quality, enhanced strength through external sleeves, a discreet below-grade installation, regular checks and maintenance plans, and can be installed all year round.  

Push piers provide permanent stability to your home. They prevent future damage, can lift your foundation back to its original place, offer customized support with high-quality steel piers, allow for broad structural repairs, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Push piers are solid steel pillars that are driven deep into the ground to bypass unstable soil. They reach down to a solid base to support your home steadfastly. They work in conjunction with other repair methods to ensure your home’s stability. 


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