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Drywall Nail Pops

Have you spotted tiny, round blemishes on the drywall in your living areas and upper levels? These are caused by nail tops that have emerged through the paint and plaster layers. Although they might seem like a mere aesthetic glitch, they could be hinting at a deeper concern—foundation settling. 

Mount Valley Foundation Services is your go-to expert in offering lasting solutions for challenges compromising your home’s structure. We delve deeper than the surface issue; we pinpoint and address the root problem. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll grasp the reasons, signs, and remedies for drywall nail pops, empowering you to make an informed decision on rejuvenating your home. 

What are Drywall Nail Pops? 

Drywall nail pops look like little, rounded cracks or holes formed when a nail head pushes out through the paint and wallboard. While they might feel like trivial decor disruptions, they could be red flags for more pressing concerns. 

These nail pops can be seen with other markers of foundational disturbances (like those mentioned below): 

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, our focus is on rectifying the core causes, not just patching up the superficial issues, ensuring a complete foundation stability solution. 

Why Your Home Has Drywall Nail Pops 

There are diverse reasons behind drywall nail pops, such as: 

Uneven Foundation Settling 

The prime suspect behind drywall nail pops is an unevenly settling foundation. This unevenness can be due to soil dynamics, inefficient drainage, or construction mishaps. As the foundation leans or sinks, it shifts the walls, putting strain on the drywall and leading to nail pops. 

Inferior Construction Supplies 

At times, builders might choose budget-friendly wallboard or nails, increasing the chances of pops. Such materials aggravate the issue. Factors like seasonal shifts and the natural aging of houses can also result in nail pops. Opting for premier construction materials can help reduce such occurrences. 

Natural Shrinkage 

The wooden frames in fresh constructions tend to contract slightly as they season over time. This inherent contracting can apply pressure on nails, potentially leading to nail pops. 

Directly tackling the principal cause, mainly uneven foundation settling, is imperative for your house’s enduring structural wellness. 

Can You Fix Drywall Nail Pops? 

Absolutely! Nail pops can be patched up. Though drywall mending offers a quick fix, if the foundation keeps shifting, nail pops might reappear. 

It’s crucial to adopt a holistic approach to genuinely and permanently address the matter. 

Mount Valley Foundation Services champions this comprehensive method, addressing foundational triggers leading to nail pops. After identifying the core problem, we recommend tailor-made solutions suitable for your home. 

Addressing Drywall Nail Pops the Right Way 

Residents across South Carolina and Western North Carolina trust Mount Valley Foundation Services for permanent solutions, owing to our dedication and meticulous approach: 

Comprehensive Foundation Inspection 

Our specialists conduct a thorough assessment, both inside and out, to gauge the severity of foundation displacement. We then suggest fitting remedial measures. 

Stabilize the Foundation 

We position foundation supports deep underground, anchoring them in steady soil. While we provide different types of supports, they all aim to provide perpetual foundation strength. 

  • Push Piers: Push piers are manually advanced into the underlying soil until they reach appropriate depths. They use the weight of the home to help counteract damaging forces, transferring the load to stable soil or bedrock. 
  • Helical Piers: Screw-like helical piers are hydraulically installed beneath the foundation, biting into the soil and anchoring onto bedrock or more stable load-bearing strata. These piers are ideal for lighter structures. 
  • Slab Piers: Steel piers similar to the other types are placed underneath homes with slab foundations to reinforce and potentially elevate the concrete. 

Manage Moisture 

Excessive moisture is a prime contributor to foundation issues, so managing its presence in your home is crucial. We introduce waterproofing measures, including essential vapor barrier and sump pumps

Mount Valley Foundation Services prides itself on its innovative solutions crafted for your home’s specific needs, promising longevity and efficiency. 

Why Address the Nail Pop Issues Now 

Proactivity ensures a home that remains in prime condition. Neglecting nail pops can spiral into  other challenges threatening your home’s foundation. 

Here are a few reasons to recognize the urgency: 

  • Minimize Further Wear and Tear: Overlooking nail pops can amplify foundational challenges. 
  • Maintain Property Worth: Timely foundation repairs safeguard your home’s resale value. 
  • Safety First: A wobbly foundation jeopardizes the structure’s stability, ensuring protection for your loved ones. 
  • Avoid Expensive Repairs: Earlier detection and resolution typically mean cost savings in the long run. 

You can confidently lean on Mount Valley Foundation Services for unmatched solutions that stand the test of time. 

Reach Out to Mount Valley Foundation Services for Reliable Solutions 

Appearances can be deceiving. What seem like trivial drywall nail pops might be signaling grave foundation shifting. Reach out to Mount Valley Foundation Services today for a complimentary, free inspection and restoration estimate


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