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Crawl Space Condensation

Keep your crawl space dry and free of humidity by being aware of the problem signs that you have too much moisture, such as mold and musty odors.

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Living in humid areas – such as the Carolinas – your home’s crawl space may experience more moisture than crawl spaces in drier areas. At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we understand that excess condensation in your crawl space means there may be a problem with the function of your crawl space.

Different Types of Crawl Space Condensation Problems

Water in crawl space

Crawl Space Water

You might notice an increase in moisture levels in your crawl space or even your living area. If you find yourself adjusting the temperature more often, and if condensation is appearing where it shouldn’t, then you most likely have a water problem in your crawl space, especially if you are unable to pinpoint where the extra moisture is coming from in areas you frequent. If notice pooling water around the foundation of your home and in your crawl space, then water and condensation in your crawl space could be the culprit. Standing water should be remedied as soon as possible, as the problem can cause more problems to occur. 

mold in crawl space

Mold and Mildew

If you have a water problem – like excess moisture or humidity – in your crawl space, then it is highly likely that you have mold and mildew growing in the space as well. Mold thrives in damp, dark environments, which means your home’s crawl space is an ideal home for it. Mold is naturally in the air; however, when it comes to congregating in one area, it can cause trouble. Dark green or black patches are the calling card of mold, as well as an increase in asthma and allergy symptoms in those who are particularly sensitive to mold.

nasty, smelly crawl space

Musty Odors

With mold and mildew, there comes a certain odor. This odor will quickly spread from your crawl space to the rest of your home. This makes your home smell unpleasant and can be an embarrassing situation when guests visit. If you notice that you’re experiencing musty smells, and you can’t find the source, then your crawl space may be to blame. In addition to mold growth, pooling water also gives off a smelly odor that will also spread through your home. If you shine a light inside your crawl space (we don’t recommend fully entering your crawl space), and notice a musty odor, then your crawl space is likely in need of repair, as well as remediation from a mold company. 


Yes, eventually the condensation in your home’s crawl space will start to affect other aspects of the space. Mold and wood rot can form on organic or wooden surfaces, slowly breaking down the very structure of your crawl space. A buildup of water in your crawl space can also affect the living areas of your home. If there is a buildup of moisture inside your crawl space, then your home will also experience the ill effects of a home that is too humid. Living in a part of the country that experiences humidity, being aware of excess condensation in your home is imperative. 

Yes, you can prevent extra water from gathering in your home by encapsulating your crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation ensures that excess water, debris, and even annoying pests are kept out of your crawl space. Encapsulation can also help regulate moisture and temperature levels in your home by regulating these levels with certain waterproofing aspects, such as insulation and the installation of a vapor barrier. Crawl space encapsulation is ideal for homeowners in humid climates, as it actively fights against the negative aspects of living in a home with humidity problems. 

If you notice that more moisture than what is considered normal in an encapsulated crawl space, then your problem may be due to the failure of any aspect of your crawl space encapsulation system. If you take a look inside your crawl space and notice mold, standing water, or even excess humidity, then your crawl space encapsulation is clearly failing. Finding the problem and having it repaired can return your crawl space – and your home, as it was likely affected, too – back to a normal and comfortable environment that is free of too much moisture and the ill effects that come with it. 

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Our experienced team at Mount Valley Foundation Services understands the humid areas we serve, such as Charleston, Columbia, and Savannah. In addition to the climate, we are also very familiar with variations of clay, silty-clay, and loam soils that spread across North and South Carolina. If you suspect that your home is experiencing too much condensation, contact us! We provide inspections to homeowners that are free and no-obligation, so you can be 100 percent certain that there is an issue you need to have fixed. We never pull away from a job, so you can be sure we’ll fix your problem right, the first time. 

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