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Crawl Space Mold

Learn about the causes of crawl space mold and how the experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services can help eliminate harmful mold from your home.

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Mold growth is a common problem found inside crawl spaces. If left untreated, mold can be destructive for your home’s foundation, leading to more issues such as wood rot and poor air quality. It is also dangerous to your health and can cause severe complications for people with allergies or asthma. 

Your home may have mold growth for a long time before you realize it. If so, it is already causing issues with your home’s air quality and affecting your foundation by causing costly problems such as wood rot. That is the case with many homeowners because even though they see signs of mold growth throughout the home, their crawl space is often the last place they think of. 

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we know all about the dangers of mold growth and the impact it can have not only on your home but on your family’s health as well. Whether you already know you have an issue with mold growth or if you suspect there may be an issue due to the signs you have noticed, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule a free inspection

Crawl space mold on support beam

What Causes Crawl Space Mold? 

There are several reasons why you may have mold in your crawl space. It all depends on what may be happening in your home at the time. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may have mold growth. 

Open Vents in Your Crawl Space 

For many years, it was believed that crawl spaces needed air from outdoors. Professionals at the time thought air circulation from the outside would prevent issues like mold growth from occurring. Unfortunately, we have now learned that open crawl spaces cause more harm than good by allowing moisture into the crawl space. When you have water in a crawl space, you can expect mold growth to occur. 

Plumbing Leaks and Other Issues 

Standing water in your crawl space is an issue that is typically easy to detect and is usually a sign that you have a plumbing issue or leak. Problems with plumbing can cause standing water to gather. You may have a plumbing flood inside your home that leaks down into the crawl space or plumbing issues that cause water to flow directly to this area. No matter the reason, standing water in your crawl space can lead to multiple problems that include mold growth and foundation issues. 

Wet Soil and Flooding 

The southeastern states of North and South Carolina get a lot of heavy rain, and homeowners often experience issues with flooding. If there is wet soil outside your home, you will be more likely to have mold growth in your crawl space. That is especially true if you have a dirt crawl space instead of one with a concrete floor. That’s because it’s more common for mold to grow in these areas since the soil is a moist and welcome environment. 

Even homes with a brick or stone foundation could have issues with mold growth due to flooding or wet soil. The damp soil that is outside the home will expand over time and put pressure against the foundation. That will cause cracks to form and cause more water leaks to occur. 

If your area has recently experienced a lot of flooding or had a heavy rain season, the soil around your home is holding more dirt than it usually does. If that is the case, you should contact our team here at Mount Valley Foundation Services for a Free Inspection. 

Why Should I Be Concerned About Mold Growth? 

There are many reasons why homeowners should be concerned about mold growth in their crawl space. Since mold can grow out of sight and out of mind in your crawl space, it’s easy to overlook. Let’s learn why mold is such a concern, and how you can be proactive in avoiding it.  

Mold growth is only the beginning of a long list of issues that can cause damage and destruction to your home’s foundation. And when the foundation of your home is impaired, you will start to see your investment quickly deteriorate. Mold will cause severe and costly issues such as wood rot and wall bending or bowing. It can contribute to infestations for insects, pests, and vermin who will contaminate your home and eat away at your wood and insulation. But aside from all the problems mold can cause to your home, it can also cause your family to experience serious health problems. 

Individuals with respiratory issues will experience more severe symptoms and have difficulty breathing when air is contaminated with mold. And even those who have seasonal allergies may experience more symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, and shortness of breath due to mold growth. Mold has also been known to trigger health issues in otherwise healthy individuals. 

You can never take too many precautions when it comes to the health and safety of your family. There are many different types of mold, and some, like black mold, can cause more severe effects than others. That’s why it’s essential to take care of your mold growth issue as soon as you notice the first signs of a problem. 

What are the Signs of Mold Growth? 

If you notice a spot on the walls of your home and you aren’t sure if it is mold or not, here are a few ways you can tell for sure. 

  • The spot has a musty or earthy smell 
  • There is a source of moisture nearby 
  • You notice cracking, warping, or peeling on the same wall 
  • A drop of bleach will lighten the color in just a couple of minutes 
  • If left undisturbed, the spot continues to grow. If it is only dirt or a stain, the spot will stay the same size.  

What Solutions Can Help Eliminate Crawl Space Mold? 

The leading cause of mold growth in your home’s crawl space is moisture. Our technicians suggest the following solutions eliminate the mold and ensure you will not experience any future issues with mold growth. 

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers 

You may be familiar with humidifiers that add moisture to the air. A dehumidifier does just the opposite and helps draw moisture out of the air in damp and dark environments. These systems can help keep your crawl space dry and eliminate a lot of the water to get rid of problematic mold growth before it becomes an even bigger issue. There are many different dehumidifiers out there, and it can be confusing trying to figure out which size and model are best for your unique situation and your budget. 

Our team here at Mount Valley Foundation Services can provide you with advice on which dehumidifier is the best option for your home. We know all there is to know about the different types of dehumidifier systems out there and can even service a dehumidifier that you currently own if it no longer works as it should. With the right dehumidifier on your property, you will have an improved crawl space that will be clean, dry, and free of mold growth. 

If you are interested in installing a dehumidifier, get in touch with our team today for a free estimate. We have fully licensed and certified techs available to answer your questions and handle the procedure, showing you how to use the system once it is installed. 

Thermal Insulation 

Thermal insulation is a helpful service that will prevent your walls and your foundation from cracking. This service may not provide direct protection from water damage and flooding. Still, it can be resourceful as it adds an extra layer of protection to vulnerable parts of your home’s foundation. 

The southeastern states are prone to rapid changes in temperature, especially during the summer months. Whenever the walls of your crawl space are left exposed to rapid temperature changes, it causes them to expand and contract. It leads to cracks and a lack of durability with your foundation walls. As gaps form, moisture can get inside the crawl space easier, making it ideal for mold growth. 

With thermal insulation, a thick barrier forms on the walls of your crawl space. That helps you to control the temperature inside your home more easily. The barrier works to shield the walls from constant temperature changes outdoors. Water, heat, and moisture cannot seep through the walls once this barrier is applied. 

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 

A crawl space vapor barrier is a type of encapsulation that protects the space and other areas of your home from the damages caused by water and moisture. Excessive rain and temperature changes can cause a crawl space to develop tons of unnecessary moisture. To prevent this problem from occurring, it is recommended that you have a vapor barrier installed. 

Crawl space vapor barriers protect the area by blocking moisture from entering inside. It helps prevent water damage before it starts and can stop mold growth as well. A vapor barrier is also beneficial because it can assist with energy efficiency throughout the home. It does this by controlling the amount of heat that is allowed to penetrate or escape the house. Additionally, a crawl space vapor barrier can also protect your pipes located in your crawl space from becoming damaged. With so many benefits, it only makes sense for homeowners to look into the vapor barrier services offered by our team here at Mount Valley Foundation Services. 

Sump Pump 

Sump pumps  are recommended for regular water and moisture maintenance in your crawl space. These systems draw water into a sump basin and then drain the water outside your home. It is a fast and highly effective solution that can be extremely useful for removing moisture and eliminating mold growth from your home. 

It is recommended that you get a professional to help you purchase a sump pump to use on your property. Our technicians here at Mount Valley Foundation Services can help you find the right sump pump system in the Charleston, SC area that will work for the specific size of your crawl space and one that will also work for your budget. 

With help from our team, we can assist you with locating the right sump pump system to ensure your crawl space is clean and dry in less time. We can also repair any sump pump system damage and replace faulty components if needed. You can even hire us to maintain your sump pump on a routine basis so that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep. 

Contact our team today at 803-220-3550 for more information and to set up a free inspection. 

Crawl Space Mold


Mold growth in your home’s crawl space can lead to several serious health issues. While it is dangerous for those who already have breathing problems, mold can also be harmful to otherwise healthy individuals. 

Here are a few of the dangers of mold growth and how it can harm your health. 

Respiratory Issues 

Any type of small particles in the air will cause us to have issues with breathing. Mold spores are incredibly harmful and can trigger respiratory problems even in otherwise healthy individuals. These issues can include symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, sinus congestion, and difficulty breathing. Even if these symptoms are mild, they can be a nuisance to deal with. 

Severe Issues with Allergies and Asthma 

If any household member suffers from severe allergies or asthma, it is crucial that you deal with all mold growth issues as soon as possible. Mold can trigger these problems and cause additional complications. Plus, some types of mold can even generate new kinds of allergies or asthma to develop. Taking the necessary steps to eliminate mold growth from your crawl space will help protect your family from complications with these severe health issues. 


Mold excretes a compound known as mycotoxin, and when we breathe in high levels of this toxin, the results can be dangerous and, in severe cases, even fatal. All types of mold give off this toxin, so even if you have a mild chance of mold growth, you are still putting yourself and your family at risk if it grows too much. If you have a severe case of mold growth or black mold, you should get in touch with our experts here at Mount Valley Foundation Services as soon as possible to discuss our mold removal techniques and solutions. 

Contractors once believed that placing vents on the walls of crawl spaces would help improve the airflow in these dark and humid areas. But over the years, we have learned that crawl space vents do more harm than good. They allow moisture to enter into the crawl space, which can promote mold growth and affect the internal temperature of your home, causing your energy rates to rise. 

Crawl space vent covers are the ideal solution to this problem, and they do not take long for our professionals to install. Our crawl space vent covers are made from solid and durable materials, and they are designed to prevent moisture and pests from entering your crawl space. 

If you think you could benefit from installing our vent covers, get in touch with us at Mount Valley Foundation Services today. 

Crawl spaces are an essential part of your home maintenance routine; however, many homeowners often overlook this area because they don’t access it frequently. There are several things all homeowners can do to protect their home’s foundation and prevent common problems with moisture

Seal All Vents and Openings 

Vented crawl spaces are a design flaw that contributes more to the problem. Suppose you have crawl space vents, or there are any openings due to cracks in the walls. In that case, you should have a professional contractor perform an inspection and seal all the vents and openings to prevent them from causing even more issues with mold and water damage. 

Install a Form of Interior Draining 

A reliable interior drainage system such as AquaStop CrawlDrainTM paired with a sump pump will significantly decrease the amount of water in the area. These systems collect any leaking water and redirect it to a sump pump so that it’s pumped out and away from your home. If you have standing water and moisture problems and do not have a functional interior draining system in place, you will have many costly repairs to deal with soon. 

Purchase a Dehumidifier 

Sealing a crawl space and installing an internal drain system can be helpful, but these solutions will not remove the moisture that is lingering in the air. The only way to remove this form of water from your crawl space is to invest in a good dehumidifier. You can find excellent energy-efficient dehumidifiers to clean and filter the air that is self-draining and easy to use. If you need help finding a good dehumidifier for your crawl space, or you already own one that requires servicing, get in touch with our experts here at Mount Valley Foundation Services today for assistance. 

The latest estimates from HomeAdvisor say that repairing a crawl space will cost an estimated $6,000 and that will be different from one customer to the next, depending on the exact problem. The cost to repair a crawl space with damage from mold and moisture will vary depending on several factors. You have to consider the size of the crawl space, the age of the home, and the extent of the damage. There are several solutions available that range in price, and our technicians here at Mount Valley Foundation Services strive to work with our customers to decide on the best possible solutions at the right price that meets their budget. 

For a Free Estimate and more information on the solutions we offer for crawl space repair, visit the Mount Valley Foundation Services website, or give us a call at 803-220-3550. We look forward to assisting you.

What to Expect When You Contact Mount Valley Foundation Services for Mold Removal Services 

When you book an appointment with us here at Mount Valley Foundation Services, one of our inspectors will provide you with information about our company and the solutions we offer. Then you’ll hear from our inspector within 48 hours of requesting the appointment. 

Our team will do our absolute best to provide you with services that will eliminate your problems and leave your home in better condition than before. Our crews specialize in the repair services they provide, and they receive national training and certification to ensure they do the job right the first time. All of our repair solutions come with warranties that are transferable anytime customers decide to sell their homes. We share the best practices and pool our resources as a team to make sure each customer has the most complete and permanent solution for their crawl space. 

Mount Valley Foundation Services has been in business for more than 30 years. We are the oldest foundation service provider in the area and are proud to serve the Columbia, SC residents with our expert crawl space encapsulation solutions. 

If you would like to learn more about the services we have to offer or request a free inspection, visit our website or give us a call at 803-220-3550. We look forward to making sure your family is safe and secure from the dangers of mold growth. 

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