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how to choose a wet basement repair company

How To Pick A Basement Repair Company For Wet & Leaking Basements

How do you choose a leaky and wet basement repair company? Your quick guide for picking the best professionals to help.

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Choose a Local Company

Selecting a local company is really important. There are national websites and hotlines that will farm out your request to whomever is available. That contractor may not believe they’ll get any follow-up business or be impacted by your reviews.

You also want to make sure you choose a team that not only provides a good quote and efficiency but understands your property. Those with the most local experience know common area issues, the soil, the weather and have probably helped your neighbors in the past. They know what builders, contractors and house flippers do a good job, those who don’t and the kinds of messes they leave unsuspecting homeowners with.

No Rushing Or Hard Pressure Sales Tactics

A good representative from a leaky basement repair company should take your problem seriously and convey just how critical it may be to fix this issue. It is their responsibility to do that, though they shouldn’t be having to hard-sell you or try to lure you in with off-the-cuff estimates that are too low. 

Sometimes you may have an emergency foundation wall issue that could threaten the safety of anyone in the property. Yet the best will be responsible for taking their time to investigate and detail exactly what needs to be done to fix the situation and how much it will really cost.

Choose Basement Repair Specialists

Most general contractors don’t have expert experience with this part of the home. Simply trying to hire a handyman or general contractor may not be a wise move. They may not have extensive experience with this part of the home. They may not get the finer differences or know all the latest technology which can make all of the difference in safely resolving issues and preventing future ones. 

Be Sure They Are Licensed & Insured

This is a sign that they take their business seriously. They care about protecting their staff and customers. As a property owner, you cannot afford to bring unlicensed workers onto your property. One slip and fall, deep cut or crumbling basement, and you could be on the financial hook for all of their medical bills and a lifetime of lost income. That could cost you your whole home and a lot more — not to mention it can cause major problems if you ever want to sell your property in the future.

Address The Root Causes Of Your Basement Problems

There are some contractors who will be happy just to make some quick money and provide what looks like a temporary patch for the problem. Then you’ll have to call them to come back again and again to re-patch it or tackle other issues stemming from the same root problem. That means endless headaches, disruptions and costs.


The best local companies will be in high demand. Yet if they aren’t responsive from the beginning, don’t expect things to get better. If they don’t call you back and don’t show up to appointments upfront, expect it to only get worse from there.


Basement and foundation problems can be scary. It’s not something most homeowners are experts at. Look for a company that will be patient in listening to your concerns and answering your questions again and again until you get it.


A legitimate company that does good work should be happy to stand behind and warranty their work.

Time in Business

Experience matters. It takes time to master a craft like this and get good at it. It takes even longer to build a good reputation.

Good Online Reviews

What are others saying about their service online? It’s hard to ever please 100% of people, but how they answer poor reviews can also say a lot more about them than the good ones.

Do your homework, and most importantly, reach out to a trusted basement contractor ASAP if you notice your basement is wet and leaking. The experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services, for instance, will be able to provide you with a free inspection and estimate, as well as proven solutions to keep your home dry for years to come.

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