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What Is PolyRenewal™ Foam Concrete Leveling?

You shouldn’t have to live with sinking, cracking, or uneven concrete slabs on your property. Surfaces that are not only ugly but also deadly tripping risks reduce the value of your home. Contractors and homeowners had to rely on mudjacking and concrete replacement in the past, which were both filthy and invasive. However, current innovation and technology have enabled the development of a new concrete lifting method that outperforms prior concrete lifting capabilities. Read on to learn more about our PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam injections.

How Concrete Lifting with PolyRenewal™ Polyurethane Foam Injections Works

PolyRenewal™ should only be installed by skilled experts since it requires the use of particular tools and skills. If your Mount Valley inspector recommends concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™, here’s what to anticipate from our crew on installation day. 

  1. Drill small, ¾” holes (the size of a penny) into the concrete 
  1. Place injection ports into the holes 
  1. Mix and install polyurethane foam under the concrete with specialized equipment 
  1. Foam expands to fill voids and lift concrete, curing in approx. 15 minutes 
  1. Remove injection ports, then patch and smooth the drilled holes 

Why Our Concrete Lifting Solution Is a Better Option

polyurethane foam
  • Lightweight, but strong: PolyRenewal™ is around 4 pounds per cubic foot, compared to 120 pounds for typical fill material, making it ideal for situations where a heavier fill material would put an undue strain on fragile soils. Despite its light weight, PolyRenewal™ can withstand heavy loads and is more powerful than mudjacking. 
  • Water-resistant: PolyRenewal™ will not wash away or erode from under the concrete after it has been cured. 
  • Inert and stable: PolyRenewal™ does not react with soil or moisture, and it does not leach dangerous chemicals into the environment. 
  • Quick cure time: Concrete lifting using PolyRenewal™ reduces downtime. The affected concrete will be stable and usable about 15 minutes after the material is injected, meaning you can walk or drive on the concrete the same day as the installation. 
  • Noninvasive: PolyRenewal™ injection equipment is compact, allowing installers to work in tight spaces It also requires less drilling and is not as dirty or disruptive as other repair procedures like mudjacking or repouring. 

Signs Your Home Needs PolyRenewal™ Polyurethane Foam Injections

There are several problem signs around different areas of your property you might notice that lead to the need for repairs, but here are some of the most common: 

Cracking Concrete

Cracks in your concrete may not be a big issue, but they also can be a warning sign that something is going on underneath the surface. A local concrete lifting professional will know what to do about these cracks and how to fix them quickly so you don’t have any more issues with unsightly tripping hazards and other damage. 

cracked and settling driveway concrete

Uneven Driveway and Sidewalk

Concrete slabs in South Carolina and Georgia damaged by expanding soil might sink and become uneven. This has an impact on your driveway and sidewalk‘s aesthetics and safety, as well as the health of your vehicle. Because cracks are frequently accompanied by uneven slabs, these problems should be straightforward to notice. 

Uneven Concrete

Cracking, Uneven Pool Deck 

Just as driveway and sidewalk slabs can crack and become uneven, so too can concrete pool deck slabs. The latter is particularly dangerous, as tripping and falling on an unstable surface around water is a safety hazard. The cracking and uneven slabs in this location also diminish the appearance of your pool area. 


You might have heard about mudjacking for fixing cracking, uneven concrete slabs. While this strategy was once useful, it has since become antiquated and ineffective. Because weak soil causes fractured concrete, filling any voids with mud will just repeat the cycle. The muck essentially transforms into soil when it dries. If the weather causes dryness or washout, the newly laid mud will have the same issues, and the cycle of concrete damage will start all over again. Furthermore, mudjacking is a messy installation that takes a long time to dry, and it is sometimes up to two days before your concrete is usable again. 

Concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam is a long-term solution for concrete issues, and we guarantee that it will last for many years. Regular maintenance and inspections, on the other hand, never hurt. Our staff can perform frequent checks to ensure that your polyurethane injection is still working properly and to provide you added security about any concrete difficulties. 

The cost of concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™ can vary depending on various factors including the location of the affected slabs, the extent of damage, and the amount of foam used, for example. However, this repair method is more cost-effective and less invasive than others such as mudjacking or complete replacement. To find out how much your project will cost, take advantage of a free inspection from one of our concrete experts. 

Rid Your Home of Uneven Concrete Surfaces! Mount Valley’s Polyurethane Injections Are the Answer!

Don’t wait for your concrete to crack, sink, or collapse before taking action. Concrete repair services can assist you in a variety of ways, and our team at Mount Valley Foundation Services specializes in concrete lifting. We can tell you about the root causes of the problem, the degree of the damage to your concrete, and how to avoid future difficulties. 

Make an appointment for your free inspection and estimate now! We are South Carolina and Georgia’s chosen concrete lifting professional, with more than 30 years of experience, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, multiple accolades, and favorable reviews from thousands of homeowners just like you. We are honored to serve residents of Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Savannah, and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to assisting you as well! 

Michael Wilcher

Michael Wilcher

Michael Wilcher is the Content Lead at Groundworks, helping us to answer all of our customers biggest questions about foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and concrete lifting. In his free time, Michael enjoys collecting vinyl records, watching Formula 1 Racing, and reading philosophy. He holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge.

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Mount Valley Foundation Services does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level. 

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