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Uneven Driveway and Sidewalk Slabs

Your driveway and sidewalk are subjected to a great deal of traffic and wear. It's critical to restore them as soon as they become uneven. Mount Valley can assist you!

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Your concrete driveway and sidewalk are perhaps the most used and underappreciated features of your house. These places are exposed to the weather and are subjected to heavy traffic. They’re tough, but it’s only natural that they’ll be damaged over time. Give your uneven driveway and sidewalk some attention with a free inspection and inventive solutions from local concrete specialists.

Causes of Your Uneven Driveway and Sidewalk

For a variety of reasons, the slabs on your driveway and sidewalk may become uneven and damaged. Here are some of the most typical causes of your concrete issues. 

expansive clay soil

Unstable Soil

Most concrete issues, such as uneven driveway and sidewalk slabs, are caused by the soil. South Carolina and Georgia’s variety of soils can be volatile, posing several problems for properties’ concrete structures. Dry weather and drought usually cause the soil to dry out and shrink. This leaves the concrete slabs above the earth without adequate support, causing them to sink and become uneven. During heavy rain or snowmelt, expansive soil like clay soil absorbs the water, swells, and presses up against the concrete, cracking and even raising areas of the concrete to make it uneven. 

Flooding around home

Drainage Issues

Your driveway and sidewalk are exposed to the weather by their very nature, but too much water is a terrible thing. Damage might occur if your gutters are clogged or your downspouts discharge water on or near your driveway or sidewalk. Soil washout and erosion can occur around your driveway and sidewalk, resulting in sinking and uneven slabs. Water can also accumulate in uneven locations, creating slipping risks and mosquito breeding grounds. 

Too Much Weight

Concrete is a powerful material, yet it has its limitations. This is especially true in driveways where big cars have been parked over a lengthy period of time. The vehicle’s weight may be too great for the slabs and underlying soil to support, causing them to sink and become uneven. Driving over uneven concrete in your driveway on a regular basis might cause damage to your automobile and lead to costly maintenance and repairs. 


Yes, uneven concrete can usually be repaired and brought back to its former brilliance. Other methods of restoration are required if the concrete has experienced too much damage in the form of severe fractures, dramatic settling, or missing pieces. Lifting and stabilizing concrete that isn’t excessively fractured or uneven is possible, but slabs that are beyond repair may need to be totally removed and repoured. Because this may be costly and time-consuming, it is better to address possible issues as soon as they arise. 

Concrete issues, such as cracking and uneven driveway and sidewalk slabs, not only detract from the appearance of your home, but they may also be unsafe. Anyone walking on this uneven terrain, particularly those with mobility impairments, risks tripping, falling, and injuring themselves. Uneven driveways can also cause your vehicle’s tires and brakes to work harder to navigate the uneven terrain, causing wear and tear. The bump of the automobile continually driving over a gap between the driveway and the street or garage can significantly harm the suspension. 

Mudjacking or slab jacking are traditionally used techniques for lifting and repairing uneven driveways and sidewalks. However, such archaic treatments are time-consuming, costly, and intrusive. Professional polyurethane injections are the finest solution to correct your uneven driveway and sidewalk. To efficiently lift and stabilize the sinking slabs, lightweight yet durable polyurethane foam is injected beneath them. It’s a more efficient, less intrusive, and long-lasting solution to tangible problems. 

Repair Your Driveway and Sidewalk with Reliable, Innovative Help from Mount Valley! 

Uneven concrete on your driveway and sidewalk may be an eyesore and a safety problem, lowering the value of your house and affecting your family’s quality of life. Because the problem will only become worse with time, it’s critical to address it before it causes major harm or injury. 

With a free inspection and dependable repair solution, the skilled team at Mount Valley Foundation Services can help restore your concrete to safe levels. We live in the areas we serve in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Savannah, and nearby, so we understand the issues that our region’s variable soil and weather provide. We also have more than 30 years of lifting and stabilizing concrete expertise. For a long-term solution to your concrete difficulties, contact us immediately. 

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