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Cracked Pool Deck

A swimming pool is an ideal place to chill out, relax, and share cherished moments with family and friends. Yet, when the nearby concrete becomes damaged, it becomes a safety hazard. 

Cracked pool decks are not just eyesores that degrade your home’s beauty, but they also present serious safety risks. Mount Valley Foundation Services comprehends the urgency of rectifying such challenges. 

Leveraging years of concrete lifting know-how, we focus on offering enduring solutions that shield your home from the adverse impacts of cracked concrete. This ensures the longevity and safety of your property. 

This page sheds light on why concrete pool decks crack and how Mount Valley uses innovative techniques, such as the PolyRenewal™, to meticulously restore your pool deck’s strength and reliability.

What Is a Cracked Pool Deck? 

A cracked pool deck is characterized by breaks or fractures in the concrete surrounding an in-ground swimming pool. 

These cracks can vary from slight, surface-level lines to deep ruptures that undermine the pool deck’s stability. These irregularities not only diminish the visual appeal of your pool space but also pose risks, potentially causing trips and injuries. 

When a pool deck is cracked, it can let water seep in, accelerating the decay of the concrete, promoting mold formation, jeopardizing structural integrity, and detracting from its overall appearance. 

A cracked pool deck may also be accompanied by other problem signs, including: 

What Causes a Cracked Pool Deck? 

Cracked pool decks typically result from a variety of factors, including:  

  • Settling Soil: The ground underneath the pool deck can settle unevenly over time, causing the concrete to sink and crack. This may happen if the soil was not properly compacted before the concrete pool deck was poured.  
  •  Soil Erosion: Water carrying chemicals, flowing from the pool deck, can erode the soil beneath and create voids, causing cracking and sinking.  
  • Tree Roots: Aggressive tree root systems growing under the deck can displace the underlying soil and push up sections of concrete.  
  • Heavy Rain/Flooding: Oversaturation of the soil from heavy rain or flooding can cause it to compact or wash away, disturbing the support for the concrete deck.  
  • Freezing and Thawing: During our region’s cold winter months, followed by spring thaws, freeze-thaw cycles can exert pressure on the deck and cause cracks.  
  • Original Installation Issues: Mistakes when pouring the concrete and issues with the curing process can lead to cracks and structural defects.  

Sometimes, a combination of these factors results in the cracking and sinking of pool decks.   

The same soil stability issues that damage pool decks can also impact the home’s foundation, requiring immediate attention and resolution by professionals to prevent the escalation of damage. 

Can You Fix a Cracked Pool Deck? 

Definitely! Addressing a cracked pool deck is essential. 

However, the ideal remedy isn’t just about filling up cracks or adding an overlay. DIY repairs and traditional methods like mudjacking are not only time-consuming but also costly, and they don’t get to the heart of the issue. 

For lasting results, it’s paramount to employ a holistic approach that not only tackles the evident damage but also the root causes to thwart future problems and maintain your property’s structural soundness. 

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we utilize specialized strategies to stabilize and elevate cracked and sunk sections of pool decks. Our proprietary PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam injection method gently lifts the dropped concrete and offers enduring support. 

How to Fix a Cracked Pool Deck 

Mount Valley’s skilled team adopts these measures to comprehensively mend your pool deck: 

  • Inspection: Our team thoroughly examines your pool deck to identify what factors are causing the concrete damage. We determine the ideal lifting points and repair plan. 
  • Drill Holes: Small, penny-sized openings are drilled into the affected areas of the sunken concrete. 
  • Place Injection Ports: Custom injection ports are inserted into each hole to allow access underneath the slab. 
  • Mix Foam: We blend the two proprietary components of our high-density polyurethane foam. 
  • Inject Foam: The foam is pumped beneath the concrete through the injection ports. 
  • Foam Expansion and Slab Lifting: The foam rapidly expands underground, filling voids, and hardening within 15 minutes. This lifts the concrete slab gently back into place as the foam cures. 
  • Remove Ports: We remove the injection ports and patch the access holes. 
  • Seal Cracks: All cracks and joints are sealed to prevent future water intrusion. 
  • Ongoing Care: Periodic maintenance helps maximize the durability of your repaired pool deck. 

Mount Valley’s approach tackles both the apparent issues and underlying causes of pool deck damage, ensuring durable repairs. Our specialized products are crafted to cater to your distinct requirements, providing top-tier, tailored solutions that surpass traditional fixes found in today’s market. 

Why Address Pool Deck Cracks Now 

It’s vital to address cracks, uneven surfaces, and other damages on the pool deck promptly for several reasons: 

  • Prevent Further Damage: Existing damage will spread over time without proper repairs. Small cracks allow water penetration that damages the steel rebar inside and expands cracking. However, addressing cracks at their first sign prevents escalation and additional costs. 
  • Safety: Cracking and uneven concrete around the pool presents a safety hazard for pool users, but effective repairs eliminate tripping hazards and potential injuries. 
  • Avoid Expensive Repairs: The further damage occurs; the more extensive repairs will be. It is less expensive to fix minor issues now than completely replace the pool deck later. 
  • Enhance Property Value: Cracks and deterioration negatively impact the appearance of your backyard oasis, but quick repairs maintain aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. 

For a comprehensive solution to cracked pool decks, rely on Mount Valley and our specialized, signature treatments, crafted with unmatched accuracy and efficiency, exceeding typical market products. 

Reach Out to Mount Valley Foundation Services for Dependable Concrete Pool Deck Lifting Solutions 

Don’t let a flawed pool deck jeopardize your home’s safety. Entrust your home’s beauty and safety to Mount Valley Foundation Services. With a profound expertise in concrete lifting, we offer sustainable solutions for all your cracked pool deck issues. Connect with us today to schedule your complimentary, no-strings-attached inspection, and let us restore the stability and beauty of your property. 

For years, homeowners across South Carolina and Western North Carolina have depended on us for their pool deck safety and restoration needs. We are enthusiastic for you to experience this dedication firsthand. Rely on our unparalleled customer service and the innovative PolyRenewal™ method for enduring protection.


The PolyRenewal™ system is a specialized polyurethane foam injection technique employed by Mount Valley. Unlike traditional methods, which might be time-consuming, costly, and might not address the root causes, PolyRenewal™ provides a holistic solution. The foam gently lifts the sunken concrete, offering durable support and rectifying the underlying issues.

While the exact duration depends on the extent of damage and specific circumstances, the PolyRenewal™ method hardens within 15 minutes post-injection, making the process relatively swift. After a thorough inspection and determining the right repair plan, our team will be able to provide a more accurate timeframe for your specific situation. 

The cost of repairing a cracked pool deck varies based on several factors, such as the extent of the damage, the size of the pool deck, and the specific methods employed for repair. Our PolyRenewal™ system offers an effective and lasting solution, often more cost-effective in the long run than traditional methods. For an accurate estimate tailored to your pool deck’s specific needs, we recommend reaching out to Mount Valley Foundation Services for a complimentary, no-obligation inspection. 

Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Mount Valley Foundation Services does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level. 

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