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Crew installing push pier on corner of home

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair with the piers installation process.

Is the Summer Weather Ideal for Foundation Repairs? Learn More

What happens to your basement may not worry you much in the dead of the winter unless there’s a crack that’s widening by the day. The only time you may feel the need to carry out repairs is when you’re selling a home with foundation issues or the issues become a structural hazard. So, when […]

Dry soil and foundation problems

Dry Soil & Foundation Problems That Could be Hiding Under Your Nose Learn More

Protecting your home from the changeable seasons in Charlotte, NC, is not always an easy task. From the chill of winter to the heat of summer, there are dozens of environmental factors to consider. Most homeowners know how high winds and snap freezes can cause structural damage, but few are aware that an extended drought […]

Installing wall anchors

How Wall Anchors Support Your Foundation Learn More

The Benefits of Wall Anchors for Your Foundation If you notice the presence of bowing, leaning, or buckling walls in your home, it is a sign of serious foundation issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If there are damaged walls in your Charleston, SC, home, it is important to consult our team at Mount Valley Foundation Services. Allowing this issue to go unchecked could result […]

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