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crew installing interior basement drainage system

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement waterproofing solutions can help keep your basement and anything stored inside protected against water damage. We can help with a specialized interior drainage system, sump pump, and more.

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While no homeowner wants to find water in their basement, it is not something you should fret over, especially if you opt for basement waterproofing. Keep your basement dry by learning about the basement waterproofing solutions. Keep your home and possessions dry by hiring a basement waterproofing company like Mount Valley Foundation Services

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions 

When it comes to keeping your basement safe against water damage, we offer various solutions that can ensure your basement remains free of mold, excess humidity, and standing water. 



One of the ways you can keep excess moisture out of your basement is by installing a basement dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help maintain acceptable moisture levels in your basement, ensuring mold and wood rot don’t begin to flourish, as both organisms thrive in damp, dark environments. Dehumidifiers will ensure the air in your basement has the proper amount of moisture in it, keeping your home humidity levels comfortable as well. 

Sump Pump Basement

Sump Pumps

Water gathers naturally towards the lowest points of your home, making your basement the number one place for pooling water. A sump pump is a system that is designed to drain water that gets into your home’s basement. This solution is ideal for basements that are located in areas where heavy rainfall occurs.  If you live in an area with excessive flooding, then a basement sump pump can help prevent the surplus of water from flooding your basement.

crew installing interior drainage system in basement

Interior Drainage System

Another solution to water in your basement is the installation of an interior drainage system. The system runs along the basement’s perimeter, and it operates by getting the water to flow through the drain to the sump pump that should be installed in the basement. These drainage systems ensure water doesn’t destroy the home’s structure. Because the system is installed inside your basement, you don’t have to worry about outside excavation or installation.

Don’t Worry About Basement Water Damage. Mount Valley Foundation Services Can Help!

If you’re a homeowner in Charlestown, Columbia, Greenville, or Savannah, then you would greatly benefit from basement waterproofing and the solutions available. At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we understand the wet climate and sandy loam soils, so you can count on our team to know how to handle your specific foundation issues. Because the area you live in is particularly wet, basement waterproofing solutions are something that you should consider investing in. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our technicians provide FREE inspections that come at no obligation to you, so you can be certain there is a moisture problem in your basement.  

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