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The crew is installing a sump pump and backup battery.

Five Essential Products for Waterproofing the Basement

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Keeping water out of your basement may feel like a full-time job for some people. And it’s because their basements are not waterproofed or they might not be using the right products. Take the guesswork out of your next waterproofing project by finding out what basement waterproofing solutions are game-changers in your quest to keep the basement dry and clean.

1) Dehumidifier

Moisture is a common problem in many Charlotte, NC, homes with basements. When moisture levels go up, the basement gets damp and smelly. Mold can also grow in this space. Dehumidification is your answer to persistent moisture issues. A variety of dehumidifiers are available with different capacities. We recommend an energy-efficient model that also is self-draining. Once you install this device, you will be able to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere and create a drier and pleasant indoor environment.

2) Interior French Drain

A properly installed interior French drain system is a lasting hope against groundwater that intrudes into your basement. It keeps the below-ground area dry by preventing water from building up the pressure it needs to enter the basement.

This solution comprises a trench with a perforated pipe that collects seeping water from the walls and floor, more specifically the wall-floor joint. The system throughout your basement’s perimeter then channels this water unseen to a sump pump system. Since it requires little to no maintenance, the French drain can serve you for many years.

3) Sump Pumps

From time to time, neighborhoods across the city experience torrential rains, which cause floods. Your basement can get inundated by floodwaters if it doesn’t have a sump pump. With this device, you can expel any water from the outside and prevent water damage. The best pumps have airtight liners and backup batteries. For these systems to be effective, they have to be combined with a French drain.

4) Frozen Discharge Prevention

The last thing you would want is for water being pumped out of your basement to end up back in your house. That defeats the purpose of having an interior drainage and sump pump system. To prevent this water from flowing back inside, we can install the FreezeGuard attachment to the exterior sump pump discharge lines. This specially made outlet is perforated to allow water to continue to drain from the line if it should freeze or become blocked.

5) Wall coverings/vapor barriers

Applying a 100% waterproof plastic vapor barrier on your unfinished basement walls will also add a layer of protection against any moisture attempting to enter your basement. Vapor barriers are typically used for crawl space encapsulation, but they also are practical for some basement usage. These barriers are pliable and can cover irregular walls and uneven surfaces. Since they are wear and tear proof, they can last for many years. Installation is fast, with most contractors taking a day or less to apply it in the basement.

Are you planning to waterproof your basement? Need advice or guidance before you make a move? Get in touch with Mount Valley Foundation Service. We’re happy to carry out a free inspection and provide you with an estimate for your repair project.

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