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Musty Basement Odor

If your basement smells musty, it can only mean one thing – you have molds and mildew growing in it.

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If your basement smells musty, it can only mean one thing – you have molds and mildew growing in it. While some people believe molds and mildew are harmless, they actually can be harmful to your health. These issues also indicate that you have a moist basement, which needs to be inspected for leaks, cracks, and other sources of moisture.

Basement with wet moldy insulation

Why is Mold in My Basement?

Molds in your basement indicate that there is a source of moisture for it to thrive on. This means that your basement has approximately 60% humidity in it, which also means there is a source of moisture that needs to be eliminated. As long as there is moisture, molds can grow and flourish on any surface, causing potential structural damage to your property and health hazards to residents.

The musty smell that comes from your basement is a sign of mold. Other indicators include black, green, or yellow spots, peeling paint or wallpaper, crumbling drywall, and rotting ceilings. You may also experience ailments that are caused by molds spores, and these include allergic reactions, dizziness, and respiratory ailments.

Getting Rid of Musty Basement Odor

To eliminate the musty smell, you need to first get rid of the source of the odor. This means you need to get rid of the molds in your basement, which feed off moisture. After having mold remediation services performed, potential solutions to prevent the mold from returning include basement waterproofingsump pump installation and dehumidification.

It is essential that you address the source of the problem, which is the moisture that found its way into your basement.

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